Website structure & design

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is about the structure and labelling of a site or product to support usability and findability of information. Most commonly this is thought of as the menu structure, but it is much broader than that and looks at how content should be organised across the whole site. The information architecture can be tested before further design is undertaken to ensure it will work for users.

Content modelling

This is part of IA work but goes deeper into what “types” of content will exist on your site. It’s a great exercise to do because it means content is structured really well from the outset.


Once an agreed structure of the site has been agreed, pages can begin to be designed. Wireframing is sketching out a design before making it properly. I can help develop low-fidelity wireframing (e.g. on paper or using simple online tools). I also work with UX designers who are able to make more detailed (high-fidelity) wireframes. Then the website or product can begin to be built!


You are now ready to get a developer to make your site by giving them your detailed plans and designs. I am also able to do this if you only need a simple site. I use tools such as, Squarespace or Word Press.  

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