User Research


Why do you want a website? What purpose does it have? What do you need it to achieve? I help clients define the objectives of their website so that they know how to measure its success.

Audience Assessment

Who do you think uses your site? Who actually does use your site? Who do you need to reach? These are your users. I help people make sure they first identify and understand who their users are – from there we can start to understand what these users either want or need to do, as well as what you want or need them to know.

Identify User Needs

What do your users need to do on your website? What tasks have they arrived to complete? What information do they need in order to do this. I help clients identify the existing behaviour of users (using analytics where set up), find out what users want (interviews, workshops) and also find out from them what they think users want (stakeholder interviews/workshops). From this, a picture emerges of what the key user needs are which they can keep referring to throughout the lifespan of the website or product.